Struggling to Ace the Phone Interview? Record It

Recruiters and hiring managers love your cover letter and resume enough to call. The phone interview comes and goes without an offer to meet in person. The form letter a week later confirms your rejection. What went wrong?

Sure, you could rely on your recollection of the phone interview but that's typically not reliable. The stress of the job hunt and the disappointment of rejection is enough to distort any memory even though it seems completely accurate. Instead, recording your next phone interview and watching it back can give you one or two things to work on in case you come up short.


Since phone interview advice often suggests smiling and body language are as important as how you answer the questions, it may be more helpful to use your cell phone or tablet to video record the call. Plus, it avoids the ethical concerns actually recording the phone call can raise.


After your next phone interview, you now have a potential gold mine of information to help uncover why you're coming up short in your quest for your next opportunity.

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